Raison D’ Etré

In the year 2010 I started developing a project based on a dream as recurring as shocking it was. This obsession has been materializing in a graphic work to which I’ve baptized as The Pilgrim. A history of existentialist court: a story dedicated to the inner child from the voice of a broken adult.

During the creation proccess of the aforementioned work, I have lived a process of self discovery and maturation of my sensitive or artistic side, concentrating my time to study and research the issues that have allowed me to develop a personal aesthetic. It is at this point where my interest turned to themes of dark hue where the desolation is the main protagonist.

The theme can be pointed in two parts: the first concerns the analysis of symbols in a dream-experience; and second, in brief explanations, has to do with my thoughts and conclusions about the concept of death. As mentioned above, the work will focus on continuing the story of this “Pilgrim” through a narrative process (and the graphic style I’ve been forging and enriching) that, little by little, will unravel his true identity by interpreting his oniric, simbolic universe (Kabala, religious codes and Tarot cards) and the confrontation of different signifiers or readings that lies within.
The Pilgrim, almost a self-conscious self, look for the end of the road, which is Death and to her, he walks…

A story, which, to be told requires more than just words: it is part of the project the use and creation of music, photography, text and drawings, elements that one way or another, connect and reinforce, allowing the expressions of the crucial moments of this character.